Inspired Living, with Donna

Do you have dreams, big dreams and goals? 

Dreams of achieving your healthiest weight and staying there for a lifetime!

Dreams of “starting over or reinventing yourself” following one of the curve balls or Mack-Truck events of life.  

(Divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, recovery from illness)

Or, do you have goals for launching a business, building excellence in customer and employee experience,  improving relationships, financial stability, career advancement or finding your unique purpose and passion in life. 

“Make Your Inner Dream an Outer Reality” 


Donna's Programs

Success Coaching

When the value of what you want to achieve becomes more important to you than the food, or unhealthy habits, you have entered the Realm of Success. Let's get started.

Weight Management

My journey started with an 87-pound weight loss before working for Weight Watchers International as Leader, Trainer, and Provincial Supervisor for the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Keynote Speaking

Authentic, inspirational compassionate and edgy, Donna Mitchell is a Success Coach, Certified Canfield Trainer & Lifestyle Consultant working with groups and individuals.

Corporate Programs

As a certified Canfield Trainer, Donna works with various businesses and corporations to encourage optimal health, wellness and productivity across all levels of management and staff to create a healthier, happier workforce.

Water Works Wonders Aqua Therapy and Fitness

Water is the optimum environment for physical training and exercise. Improve posture, relieve pain, rehab from surgery or simply exercise to gain strength while having fun! Donna is a certified water therapist employing the Burdenko Method which focuses on six core elements to developing a stronger body.

Yoga Lite

Get Lite on the Mat! Traditional Hatha Yoga for all levels of ability and yoga experience. Donna is a certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor offering gentle and restorative yoga sessions with classes that vary by location and time throughout the year. Private, couples and group yoga. Practice at home with Donna's Yoga CD - Travel and Transformational Yoga (included in registration). Contact Donna for additional information.

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Donna Mitchell Inspired Lifestyles Grand Cayman Island

Feeling overwhelmed?  Find yourself muttering under your breath or slamming doors? Wondering, “What About Me” or “What’s Next”?  Has life become uninspired for you?

Many people struggle to make their dreams come true and accept the status quo that this is as good as it gets.

The truth is, you can transform every aspect of your life using the proven methodology of The Success Principles and the expert mentoring of Donna Mitchell. 

Identify your life purpose and passion, increase self-confidence, overcome obstacles, improve relationships, manage balanced living, succeed in life-long weight management and realize all your ambitions using the proven methodology of The Success Principles. 

"Meeting Donna was the best thing I have ever done for me!  Best of all, she taught me to honor myself and to have my life in balance.  Thanks to Donna, after two years I wear clothes three dress sizes smaller, have reduced my blood pressure medication by half, and feel good about me!  I even managed Machu Picchu this year which I would not have done two years."

Not convinced? Donna offers free trial courses & introductory presentations. 

Donna's Story

A seasoned, international globe-trotter, Donna happily travels to near and far destination offering engaging presentations, expert training, inspiration and hope.

Her personal story of transformation and success begins with an 87-pound weight loss. She subsequently enjoyed an extensive high-profile career with Weight Watchers International as Leader, Trainer, and Provincial Supervisor for the Maritime Provinces of Canada. 

Passionate about helping young adults, she served for six consecutive summers at Weight Watchers Camps for Children in the United States and Canada.

She’s found a home of 25 years on Grand Cayman Island.