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A Journey to Be Shared

Have weight to lose?  Feel alone?  Unsure of the right steps to take?  Uncertain whether you can actually do it?  Hang in…my book New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery is very, very near completion. Fun.  Interactive.  A step-by-step journey that … Read More

Beliefs Count in Weight Loss

Beliefs are like the basement of a house. Thoughts, feelings and actions are the upper-story levels, and all depend on the support of the basement foundation. How is your house? What do you believe about yourself? Your potential? Your Life? … Read More

Weight-Loss-Before Christmas? Let Santa Have the Cookies

Weight-Loss-Before Christmas?  Let Santa Have the Cookies  Some are saying, “Forget it!” Others are up before dawn, (walking/running/going to the gym), pumping hard for a fitter, slimmer, less stressed, (and a lot more energized) self as the holidays arrive.  Enjoying … Read More

No Thanx Spanx

Back-in-the day when losing weight was my primary goal, we ordered in girdles to give the appearance of a slimmer, more toned body.  I found it funny when Spanx came into the spotlight, like the girdle was something new under … Read More

Pop The Cork On Your Resolutions

Interview with Dave Stelma [VIDEO]

Make a cup of tea and listen to my interview with Dave Stelma

A Testimonial!

“I didn’t sign up for 6 weeks, I signed up for a Lifetime.”   These words, spoken by a Group Participant, captures the essence and philosophy of Inspired Lifestyles.  Your journey is not about going on and off a diet … Read More

Why Water is the Optimum Environment for Exercise

Water Works Wonders – Why Water Works!   “For me, entering the water is like going home.  The stress and strain of life on land dissipates by easing into the turquoise Caribbean sea. The flowing freedom of movement causing a joyful … Read More

Water Fitness in the Cayman Islands, More Than Water Aerobics

“The Jar Society”

You might think about becoming a Member of “The Jar Society”.  I just formed it, but there might be other ‘Jar Societies” for sure.  It could impact your health for life. How? I didn’t realize just how much food in … Read More