Years ago, over 30 actually, I successfully dropped a significant amount of weight.  Almost 90 pounds. 

Making the changes to become a healthier, happier and more confident me  (i.e. transformational change) provided me with new character strengths and skills that have enabled me to maintain at a healthy weight, with ease!!

My soon-to-be-published book, New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery (Balboa Press) offers a fun, step by step, positive and creative path to achieving your healthiest weight. You will NOT find a diet plan or recipes.  You will find 12 secrets to success

Why Shoes? 

Shoes are symbolic of moving forward.    New shoes represent leaving the past behind and walking into your imagined new life and lifestyle. 

I am excited to share this life work; it has developed over 20 years+ and has been tried and test with hundreds of participants in group and private programs.  Donna  

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