No Thanx Spanx

Back-in-the day when losing weight was my primary goal, we ordered in girdles to give the appearance of a slimmer, more toned body.  I found it funny when Spanx came into the spotlight, like the girdle was something new under the sun.  So, I invested $50 dollars for a pair of Spanx.  I struggled into them, breaking two nails, went to a party, entered the ladies room, promptly took them off to breathe and get rid of the new roll that had appeared and decided I’d much rather drop those 5 extra pounds than ever try to wear Spanx or a girdle again.

I know the inventor of Spanx made a fortune, re-inventing the girdle. Good for her. Wish I had the MAGIC FORMULA for your instant and permanent weight loss. My experience of success has been permanent weight-maintenance through life-style change as well as deleting my negative thinking and self-image.  I replaced self-defeating habits with new, life enhancing habits.  Most importantly, I changed my life story!  I finished.  It’s possible to achieve your healthiest weight while enjoying real food and life.   Be The Hero, Be The Heroine of Your Own Story.

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