Weight-Loss-Before Christmas? Let Santa Have the Cookies

Weight-Loss-Before Christmas?  Let Santa Have the Cookies 

Some are saying, “Forget it!” Others are up before dawn, (walking/running/going to the gym), pumping hard for a fitter, slimmer, less stressed, (and a lot more energized) self as the holidays arrive.  Enjoying the holiday specialties is a component of a healthy mindset and lifestyle.  One participant in a water classes stated amazement that I EAT CHOCOLATE.   She is on a boxed-food diet with strict rules; another food fad and trendy trend promising ‘the holy grail’ of weight loss.  
Maintaining a healthy weight, (30 years after losing 87 pounds) is a strong measure of the success possible with a ‘whole-person’ approach to healthy living at your best weight.   I look forward to being part of your journey to your healthiest weight!
Wherever you are in the world this Christmas, 2018, allow ‘temperance and moderation’ to be your guide.

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