Why Water is the Optimum Environment for Exercise

Water Works Wonders – Why Water Works!  
“For me, entering the water is like going home.  The stress and strain of life on land dissipates by easing into the turquoise Caribbean sea. The flowing freedom of movement causing a joyful lifting of spirit.  Mood and energy are transformed. Truly, I am happier in water than on land.  Please read on…Donna”

physical properties make it the optimum environment for physical activity.  Water Fitness is at the cutting edge for
engineering sound, healthy physical training for this and future
generations.  Here’s why
Water is an 80-90% gravity-free environment.
Without the effects of gravity, we become light weighted and buoyant, allowing
for freedom of movement and increased, pain-free range of motion.
Water’s natural viscosity allows movement and
strengthening of injured or tired muscles without impact or injury.
We exercise with minimum friction and maximum
resistance working opposing muscle groups simultaneously
Rather than focus on an injured or weak area,
full body movement in water normalizes the entire system building strength and
support for injured or weaker areas making it therapeutic for repetitive motion
used in tennis, squash, golf and other sport.
Water’s warmth promotes muscles relaxation upon
Exercising in water in the natural outdoor
environment promotes health, well-being and a positive mental attitude.
  • There is no sweating in water making it
    attractive for men and hot climates
  • Everyone
    can be an athlete in the water especially weight-challenged adults and children, and
    people with restricted range of motion due to illness or


Water Conditioning is Beneficial for:
                                 Recover of Balance after chemotherapy, a fall
or surgery             
Co-Ordination for Conditions like Aging, Parkinson’s Disease
Osteoarthritis       Fibromyalgia
     Joint Replacement Surgery
Bursitis         Low Back Pain 
      Sprains & Strains     Post-Op Recovery
for Runners and Walkers Who Minimize Upper Body Use
Sport Movement used in Golfing, Tennis, Squash, Netball
Teens and Adults
Small group classes and private training
sessions are fun and effective enabling men and women to remain active, recover,
condition and tone.
Improve balance, flexibility, co-ordination, strength,
speed and endurance, six (6) essential qualities necessary for life and movement
in life and on land.
Donna Mitchell, Certified Water Conditioning  Therapist – Bonafide Mermaid

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